Warm Gathering with Mr.Ir. Budi Rahardjo

On July 6th-7th 2019, CSE batch 2017 and 2018 ventured out to Bandung and rendezvoused with Mr.Ir. Budi Rahardjo along with this faculty’s lecturers. It was a really in-depth and lengthy conversation from Mr. Budi about Computer Science in general; what the future of IOT will be like; why Indonesia would be a good starting place for startup companies; how AI would be implemented in our daily activities; and the importance of cyber security. Mr. Budi enjoys playing with his band considerably, also plays games like many of us do but most importantly time spent learning and experimenting would be substantially prioritized. He is a man with the ‘One for All’ wisdom.

But of course, he also explained how friendship is largely important to our social needs and take it to our advantage. That we should befriend the intellectuals that excels in other profession, so that as a society we could cooperate as one.

CSE crew along with Mr. Budi group photo in the Innovation Factory, Bandung.