Quarantine Update

This post is for those who are passing by every quarantine day by not doing anything and procrastinating not utilizing the time properly. It is understandable that the situation is of course not suitable for everyone, but we all are tensed as a society. We could not do much but pray for the best and to show love and respect for all doctors, medics and researchers for trying to find some sort of cure.

Most of the days and weeks were spent at home, so can’t we get some hours to develop something at least? Here are some side projects that were made by IULI’s computer science students during these past quarantine life.

Replication of a Shell

Victor has made two side projects, a shell that replicates the internal and functional capability of what and how a command line shell would work. It is still bare-bone and the main objective of this project is to have enough feature to be usable as a shell, and POSIX compliant-ness is not to be set as the highest priority. features that have been implemented includes: Directory change (cd), REPL, Program invocation, Basic flags, Environment variable substitution and modifying the ever growing environment appropriately. You can go here to visit this repository.

Rogue-Like Game

His other project is a 7 days rogue like game with SFML. You can go here to visit the repository.

Pokedex React Application

I, Roid the author of this post yep, practiced on learning a lot deeper in JavaScript and a framework called ReactJS. A somewhat small project that I’ve made is a Pokedex React application, it is open public and can be pulled from PokeAPI. It’s a simple HTTP GET request approach with no authentication and keys involved. I have made a further brief explanation post about this on https://dev.to/okroid/pokedex-with-react-364d. You can see this Pokedex React application live here.
The gist is about how JavaScript uses the asynchronous methods to register callbacks and events that will be needed to be executed in the future instead of executing it right away and of course a framework to work with and very popular one would be React.
In the future, I may get my hands dirtier by having to interact with the back-end side using Node and I’ve already got an application in mind. Just need the time to actually pursue it.

Hopefully there’s more to come from our newer and younger batch groups!