CSE’s Night Gathering

It’s that time of the month for newly year students/ freshmen to join the Computer Science Engineering major. We held a small night gathering at 19.00 WIB via Zoom video conference call. Initially, our Rector Dr. Ir. Tutuko Prajogo M.S.Mfg.E began the opening with a motivation and future vision of how Computer Science will be related at all in the Industry 4.0 with all the commonly known buzzwords like Big Data and IoT. Shortly after, we start off to introduce ourselves with topics like: backgrounds; why computer science?; what drives us to continue and pursue as computer scientists; the environment and surroundings throughout life at IULI; and more. One by one, we all gave our thoughts and speech about CSE as a whole and also the lecturers’ past experiences as a further addition motivation drive. Some might have missed the opportunity to join but it was mainly just a brief introduction and warm welcome to our freshmen for joining CSE. We hope you enjoy your stay here at IULI, hold tight to your vision and stay motivated!