The process of maturity starts when the students enter their first year in IULI. They will learn basic science and mathematics. The second year is the time when they touch the concept of computers, such as computer architecture, interfacing, networking and operating systems. In this year they are tasked with the application of mathematics, for example, logic and digital design, computability and algorithm. In the third year, the student will learn how to integrate concepts into a system. This will be conducted in Computer Science System Design classes. In the fourth year, the student will do research, which enables them to produce their own computer. This activity has to offer possible advances in human life, for example, in health, education, transportation, financial, energy, entertainment and social interest.

CS is usually described as the science of computation. Our curriculum will not be absolutely based on that definition. In IULI, the students will learn mostly CS with a little IT. CS students should enjoy creating efficient software using innovative algorithm, while understanding how the computer hardware works. Besides that specific subject, they will learn how humans interact with computers and how the software takes human input and creates the output. The curriculum also helps the students to learn about and work with other disciplines. It gives the opportunity for students to learn project management and how to work in a team.