Virtual Laboratory

The Internet is the solution to conceive of a “virtual” computer science lab in which students and lecturers could work collaboratively over the net on a relatively small problems.

Over a short period of time, problems set by the lecturers work asynchronously and the system would make it possible for the lecturers to view student’s submission work and provide guide when needed. The software envisioned here would provide such an environment. Different people will have different roles within the system. The main roles are “roots” and “users”. Each person would interact with an appropriate client. The system will permit document edit and uploading of documents. It is modular meaning different courses will be responsible for different document types.

Exclusively, every computer science students will be given access to port forward via ssh to IULI’s network from outside. Alternatively, any students in IULI that requires a VM can assign for request and will be delivered moderately.