Batch 2017

MyDream 2.0

The impact of my dream product to the people is the raising of human quality. From that, I wish I can build a good and safe environment in the society.

It makes everyone responsible on what they do and to be better at everything. It is because they know they are being watched by other people, which in the end will raise the quality of human beings.

There will be no more corruption, prostitution, misappropriation and all other bad things that prejudice to society.” Dea 2017


“Our current potentials can be broken leading to greater roads for greater opportunities. My dream is to assemble and produce contraptions from scrap that widens the opportunities through new discoveries….

My dream is to create ease in everyone’s lives, and to give larger opportunities for engineers like me to make their dreams change into a reality.

How will my dream be a reality you say?
The answer to that is simple, you just need determination, curiosity and some good grit.”
Rafly 2017


“Artificial intelligence covers wide range of aspects. However my interest in AI is to create and manage a perfect simulation that we can live inside and transfer our consciousness into, in the nutshell the goal is creating the perfect video game.

Imagine kids living in Africa born with an incurable genetic disease living inside a war-torn country with constant state of famine, who wouldn’t want to escape from that kind of life?

A digital utopia where one can choose to live as anything they want sounds better than the real world, it’s the perfect form of escapism. If one chooses to continue living a traditional human live they can still choose to do so inside the simulation but their standard of living will be much improved compared to living in the real world and they don’t have to worry about being born under an unfavorable circumstance such as being born with a disease or being born poor….

…because inside this hypothetical simulation, we can create everything and anyone can choose to become anything they want.” Adrian 2017


“..but I think Artificial Intelligence usefulness is not in its maximum capability. It can be more crucial to every sections of life from nature to even human’s emotions.

It supposed to include medical researches, such as fast surgeries or vaccines for every diseases especially dangerous diseases without making the patients pay 10 times of their future savings.

The other one is for personal emotions, as there are a lot of criminal activities, suicides, and terrorism around the world. What I have in mind is, an A.I. that can understand human’s emotions. It will help them to prevent the actions that they are about to do.

It may seem like it is not possible, but there was already an event where an A.I. made its own language. It will benefit for us in the future.” Lintang 2017


“ First of all, I want to be a Hacker.
It is because I want to work against bad hackers.

In my opinion, if there are bad hackers there will be good hacker and I want to be one of them

As an athlete, my passionate is to combine both dreams, which to assure transparency and sportiveness in any game.” Verdi 2017


“I want to become an iconic person that have high skill in computer or even inventing something in this global technology industry.

I believe, it will be useful for everyone who using my service in computer. Although I’m not that sure everyone will satisfy with my work, but at least, I will give my best with no bad purposes to anyone.” Fariz 2017